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GirlWorks: Helping Girls Find Their Voice

Great Resources for Girls and Parents

GirlWorksGirlWorks is a program provided by ChangeWorks Psychotherapy & life Coaching Services, LLC.  This program uses group counseling to help girls through the ages of 6 through 17 discover their self worth and the joy of being a girl.

Our Mission
The mission of GirlWorks is to offer girls a place where they can explore their feelings, thoughts, actions, values and choices in a safe nurturing environment. We support independent thinking, creative expression of feelings, and promoting a sense of empowerment in the lives of girls.

girl2Our Work
It’s more difficult than ever being a girl in today's world. Today's girls struggle in a complicated world where they must make choices while maintaining their since of self worth, competence and hope for the future.

With alarming frequency, girls are expressing their confusion, anger and despair on themselves through self injury, drug abuse, juvenile delinquency and eating disorders. GirlWorks offers girls a safe place to explore, understand and cope with their feelings, values and choices while finding their unique voice in the world.

Groups Now forming!

Call (703) 330-5111 for more information

Groups Currently Being Offerred
Elementary School (ages 6-11)
Middle School (ages 12-13
High School (ages 14-15)
High School (16-17)

These age groupings might be subject to change
depending on the maturity level of each girl. 

girl3Issues Addressed in Groups
  • Social Skills
  • Coping with relational aggression/bullying behaviors
  • Gang Prevention
  • Self Esteem
  • Positive Body Image
  • Assertiveness
  • Positive self expression
  • Dating issues (adolescent groups)
  • Anger Management
  • Positive decision making
  • Exploring my future self

Click here to download our brochure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Who will be leading these groups?

GirlWorks is a new program offered by ChangeWorks Psychotherapy & life Coaching Services, LLC. Maureen Fannin, LCSW is the founder and creator of ChangeWorks, and will be leading these groups. She has been working in Prince William County since 1997 and has a wide range of clinical experience that she brings into her clinical work with school age girls and adolescents. She has experience working with Women, Children and their families and has considerable knowledge of ADHD, depression, anxiety, substance abuse , oppositional defiance disorder and other mental health concerns affecting the lives of girls.

Q- How Do I know if a group is what my daughter needs?
All possible participates will have a thorough intake before being placed in a group. Not all clients are ready to participate in a group therapy and may need some individual sessions before attending a group. The child's needs will be assessed before deciding what treatment is best.

Q- Are the parents involved in the treatment?
Yes, it is GirlWorks philosophy that the parents are involved with the treatment of the child. Family therapy sessions may be required during the coarse of treatment.

Q- What are the costs involved?
GirlWorks will bill your insurance company for the group therapy. Most insurance companies are accepted by GirlWorks. If we participate in your insurance plan, then you would only be required to make the co pay. The cost of the groups without insurance is $450.00 for a sixteen week group. This amounts to roughly $28.00 per group. There will be an opportunity to participate in ongoing groups for minimal weekly or bimonthly fee if needed.

Q- What if my daughter needs help, but I don't have insurance and I cannot afford the cost of the group.
GirlWorks will work with some clients on a sliding scale if they qualify. This will be determined on a case by case basis. GirlWorks wants to meet the needs of all populations.

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