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Unlike the lily or the rose...It's the mighty sunflower that will not be pressed.
Psychotherapy and Coaching

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy and Counseling are professional activities that utilize an interpersonal relationship to enable people to develop understanding about themselves and to make changes in their lives. Professional Psychotherapists and Counselors work within a clearly contracted, principled relationship that enables individuals to obtain assistance in exploring and resolving issues of an interpersonal, intrapsychic, or personal nature.

More specifically, psychotherapy is used to treat mental disorders as classified in the the DSM IV. There are a wide variety of treatment modalities within the field of psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy uses the relationship between the client and the therapist as a catalyst for change. Psychotherapy is used to assist individual in healing from emotional trauma both in the present and the past.

Individual Psychotherapy

I provide individual therapy for children, adolescents and adults. I have worked with a variety of issues and populations. My main specializations include working with individual who are suffering from depression and anxiety. My therapy work with children has primarily been with those suffering from behavioral problems (ADHD, oppositional disorder and affective disorders) and attachments issues resulting from child abuse and neglect.

I also work with women who are struggling with issues relating to emotional dependency and who are coping with life transitions. My work with women has primarily revolved around issues of empowerment and personal growth.

Family and Couples Therapy

I also have a significant amount of experience in working with families and couples. Many times it is a child or adolescent that brings a family in for treatment and is an important part of work with children and adolescents. My approach in family work has largely been developed through my experience as an counselor with at risk youth. I enjoy working with families to assist them in building a solid and nurturing foundation for their children.

I have worked with couples who have suffered the effects of an affair as well as those who are struggling to maintain a mutually satisfying relationship. Communication is often the key to a successful relationship which is a focus during my couples therapy session. I also draw from my work in attachment therapy when working with couples to help strengthen the bond and intimacy they often are seeking. The couples relationship is often the most important since it is frequently the foundation of the family.

What is Life Coaching

Life Coaching is about creating the life that you really want.  Coaching is a tool to help you realize the vision, goals and dreams that will lead to a more fulfilling life.  Coaching is an active process focusing on enhancing self-knowledge and forwarding individual action toward achieving your goals.  Learning as well as forwarding action in the coaching relationship is an effective way to facilitate the learning process so important to permanent and consistent change.

The Coaching Relationship will benefit you by:

  • Providing Accountability
  • Structure and focus through weekly contact
  • Provides a new perspective & feedback
  • Helps identify your strengths & how to utilize them.
  • Helping you clarify your values and goals.
  • Supporting you in reaching your goals.
  • Overcoming obstacles to change i.e., procrastination, perfectionism, & disorganization
  • Provides a confidential & non-judgmental place to work on life issues.
Areas of Expertise

  • Overcoming Underearning
  • Women's empowerment issues (self care, setting limits, saying no, positive choices)
  • Career Coaching
  • Creating Balance in your life
Individual can have coaching sessions over the phone or in person.  This provides flexibility and convenience.  The initial coaching session is free.  ChangeWorks customizes individual action plans to meet the client's individual needs.

Spot Coaching

Single session coaching calls are helpful when your stuck and you need help getting moving again.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is available which is done over the phone through a teleconferencing service. Group coaching is exciting and fun for both the coach and the clients. It is also helpful to have feedback from group members and work with others who are actively involved in the change process.

If you would like more information, please email me at MfChangeWorks@aol.com

Maureen Fannin, LCSW
ChangeWorks Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Services, LLC
Tel: 703-626-0381
FAX: 703-330-1138
Email: Mfchangeworks@aol.com

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