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Quiz: Are You Underearning?

Source: Secrets of Six Figured Women by Barbara Stanney

Circle the statements that apply to you. Do this quickly, without thinking too much about your response. Circle the ones that might apply even if youíre not quite sure.

1. I often give away my services (volunteering, working more hours than actually paid).

2. Itís so hard to ask for a raise (or raise fees) that I just donít do it.

3. I have negative feelings about money and/or wealthy people.

4. I am proud of my ability to make do with little.

5. Someone or something else (IRS, ex-husband) is responsible for my financial situation.

6. I find ways to avoid dealing with money (bartering).

7. I tend to sabotage myself at work (apply for jobs not qualified for or low-paying, stop short of reaching goals, change jobs a lot.)

8. I work very, very hard (long hours, several jobs). Or I go into excess and then collapse.

9. I fill my free time with endless chores and tasks.

10. I am in debt, with little savings, and no idea where my money is going.

11. I have family history of debt and/or underearning.

12. I am vague about my earnings (I overestimate or underestimate income; you see gross not net).

13. I continually put other needs above my own.

14. I am frequently in financial pain or stress.

15. Recognition and praise are more important to me than money.

16. I am confident in my ability to make money.

17. I always live below my means.

18. I love money and appreciate what it does for me.

19. I am very optimistic about my financial future.

20. I experience very little fear or insecurity around money.

21. I am determined to get paid what I am worth.

22. I am passionate about my work.

23. I have very supportive, nurturing relationships (including spouse).

24. I admire wealthy people.

25. I have little or no credit card debt.

26. I get myself in situations beyond my ability and then rise to them.

27. I am resilient and able to bounce back when I fail.

28. I am filled with gratitude for the success Iíve achieved.

29. I work very hard, but I know I donít have to do everything myself. I know how to delegate and set limits.

30. I am tenacious in achieving my goals.

Scoring: If you circled two or more of statements 1-15, youíre probably earning less than your potential, despite your efforts and/or desire to make more. If you circled two or more of statements 16-30, youíre likely to the upper-income brackets of your profession or industry. Are you ready to go higher?

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