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December, 2004- Happy Holidays!

There is the pain of changing or the pain of not changing...It's up to you

Written by: Maureen Fannin, LCSW

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What is in this issue?

1.  Introduction:  Happy Holidays!

2.   What is New! I am adding some new sections to my newsletter.

3.       Helpful Hints for the Holidays

4.       Coaching Topics Clip Board Moments

5.  Quote of the Month

6.  Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Services


1.  Introduction:  I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season.  I hope that you are all planning to spend this holiday season doing what means the most to you.  The coaching topic of the month is design to provide light and interesting reading since this month can be very stressful and hectic.  I am adding some new sections to my newsletter, which will start in January.  There are also some helpful hints to survive the stress of the season.  Please take care this holiday season and best wishes to you and your families.


2.  What is New?


Starting in January 1, 2005 I will be adding a new section to my newsletter under the heading "Shattering the Glass Ceiling Within".  This section will address the needs of women by empowering them to take emotional and financial control over their lives.  As always, I welcome your comments.


I have also hired a web designer to work on my website.  Her name is Annette Valencourt and her company is Girl Geek Web Designs.  We have discussed some great ideas for the site including a bulletin board.  I am hoping to have it completed by the beginning of January.  I am planning to give my Shattering the Glass Ceiling workshop towards the end of January.  This one will be  live (not a teleclass)  in Vienna, Virginia.  I will send out a special section of the newsletter with specifics. 


3. Helpful Hints to Relieve Stress for the Holidays


·        Remember to get your Z's during this holiday season.  We are more vulnerable to stress and illness when we are not well rested.

·        It is important to check our perfectionistic tendencies during the holiday season. They will only leave you feeling drained and depleted. 

·        Take time for fun this holiday season.  Laughing and having fun is the best stress reliever.

·        Remember you do not have to do everything for everybody.  Take time for yourself and your own self-care. 


4. Coaching Topic- I went to a play therapy workshop recently entitled Play Therapy and Beyond with Paul R. White, LCSW.  You can visit him on the web at  It was a wonderful workshop exploring the use of clay during therapeutic play with children.   One of my goals for the New Year will be spending time practicing my new skills building dinosaurs, trains, planes and automobiles which all have therapeutic meaning.


The presenter also introduced an interesting idea.  He keeps a clipboard near his desk during his play therapy sessions, which allows him to capture what he referred to as “Clip Board Moments”.  The presenter uses the clip board to capture those moments during play therapy sessions when a child says something profound or an insight comes to mind that might help other clients    Simply relying on memory has not proven effective.  The clipboard allows him to make a note at that moment because, if not captured, they may be lost forever.


What are Clipboard Moments you ask?  I imagine we all have experienced them.  They are those flashes of brilliance that go through the mind providing a connection, insight or possibility.  A moment is often the gift of potential.  I think Oprah Winfrey calls them “aha” moments.  All of us may relate to that sudden glimmer of insight that brings clarity to a difficult problem or an idea for the great American novel.


            I would imagine that most of the world’s progress has come from clipboard moments.  How may we develop ways of capturing our own Clipboard Moments?  First, we must learn to pay attention to our inner voice when it is trying to communicate with us.  However, there are many obstacles to hearing our own voice.  For example, our negative self-talk may convince us that the insights or potential that we see is somehow invalid or beyond reach.  Here are some examples of negative self-talk.  See if they sound familiar. “ You can’t go back to school you're too old.”  "It’s too late to change that now.” “No one would ever want to read a book about that.”  The inner critic is a powerful force and if left unchecked may direct your life in unhealthy ways.


            What if Albert Einstein had said “What a ridiculous theory?  No one would ever accept that.”   What would science look like today?  Certain individuals learn to trust themselves enough to realize what is worth exploring.  I think our body gives us certain clues to what it worth pursuing.  We may feel a chill or relief from anxiety.   The key lies in paying attention to these signs and not allowing the environment to take you away from yourself. 


Action Challenge


  1. Begin keeping a daily journal to record your thoughts.
  2. If something occurs to you that bring feelings of hope and excitement, pay attention to it. 
  3. If you have a persistent idea, take time to explore the possibilities.
  4. Take note of your inner critic.  How is it holding you back?


4. Quote of the Month-  Ideas are the Root of Creation- Ernest Dimnet


5. Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Services:


I provide individual, couples and family therapy in my psychotherapy practice.  I am currently accepting clients in my Manassas office.  Please contact me at 703-626-0381.


I also provide individual and group coaching and conduct seminars and workshops.  Please contact me at or visit my website at  I am also accepting referrals for coaching.


Good Luck and have a great month!  See you next time!


Maureen Fannin, LCSW

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