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April, 2005-

There is the pain of changing or the pain of not changing...It's up to you

Written by: Maureen Fannin, LCSW

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What is in this issue?


1.  Introduction:  Spring is in the air!

2.  What is New! 

3.   Coaching Topic: Grace filled messages

4. Quote of the Month

5. Shattering The Glass Ceiling Within- What's your set point of success?

6. Additional Quotes

7. Psychotherapy & Coaching Services


1.  Introduction: 


      I hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather.  I apologize for not getting this newsletter out earlier.  I am way behind my deadline.  This Spring has brough one sickness after another my youngest child Owen.  He is only two and seems to be working on developing his immunity! This newsletter is highlighting Cheryl Richardson's newest book The Unmistakable Touch of Grace.  No, she doesn't have me on the payroll, but this is a great read if you are going through any changes in your life or just enjoy the topic of Grace.    See you next month.  Hopefully, I will be on time....maybe I'll write about procrastination.  Always a fun topic! 


2.  What is New?


      Not too much is new.  However, I am working on writing a book Shattering The Glass Ceiling Wihin.  My first task is to write a book proposal which I have the bulk of it completed.  Now it just needs editing!   I will keep you posted!


3. Coaching Topic Grace Filled Messages.



In Cheryl Richardson's recent book The Unmistakable Touch of Grace, she tells her own personal story of change.  One decision she made twenty years ago changed the course of her life. Her decision was certainly the right one since she has led a life of grace and compassion helping hundreds and thousands of people through her coaching, books and on line community (


For many of us, trying to decide the right direction in life is agonizing since the costs are often high.  You might be contemplating a divorce, a job change, going back to school, or a relocation that would take your kids away from the only friends they have ever known.  The decisions that affect others are always the most difficult. 


One of the basic premises of Cheryl's book is that you may be looking for the path, but the path is also looking for you.  Her basic message is that Grace leads you to the exact event and experience you need at the right time. Call it coincidence, serendipity, fate or just plain luck.  Often the messages come in unexpected ways.  You run into a friend from the past or an unexpected e-mail shows up in your inbox from someone you have been thinking about.  Do they hold the key to your life?  Well, it is doubtful.  But there maybe a message there or something you can learn.  The coincidences that occur in our lives are often the most life altering. They are often the twists of fate that bring us to a new point in our lives, or come in the form of unexpected people who bring awareness and insights. 


Cheryl introduces the concept of spiritual change agents in her book. These are the people in our lives that agree to take on certain roles.  These agents can be supportive or difficult.  According to Cheryl, God speaks to us through these people.  It can be a brief exchange with a person who delivers a message, or someone that you already know who is challenging you in some way.   


Grace filled messages also come from our own inner voice.  Many people describe these moments as "a wake up call" or an "aha moments. There are times in our lives when we have clarity for the first time and a course of action is obvious.  These are the moments when the sky suddenly clears and our minds become clam.  This is often the unmistakable touch of grace.   


I have given you a brief overview of Cheryl Richardson's new book The Unmistakable Touch of Grace.  I encourage you to pick up a copy at your local library or book store.  You can also order it from my website click bookstore on the menu.  Like all Cheryl's books, it will give you more than you thought.


Here are some resources to help you understand Grace in your life:


The Unmistakable Touch of Grace by Cheryl Richardson

Road signs: Navigating Your Path to Spiritual Happiness by Phillip Goldberg, PhD

Spiritual Divorce: Divorce as a Catalyst for an Extraordinary Life by Debbie Ford

Transitions: Making Sense of Life's Changes by William Bridges




  1. Take some time to re-examine your past relationships applying the concept of spiritual change agents.  Do past relationships take on a new meaning for you?
  2. Take some time to examine how Grace might be working in your life.  Are you ignoring important signs?  Are you open to what life is offering you?
  3. Buy Cheryl's book there are some great exercises to help you on your spiritual journey.

4.  Quote:  The more awake or conscious we are, the better able we are to see these signs for what they really are-unmistakable evidence of how grace shapes our lives. - Cheryl Richardson, the Unmistakable Touch of Grace


5. Shattering The Glass Ceiling Within- The Inner Work of Wealth


This section of the newsletter is to support you on your journey to overcoming underearning and develop to your fullest potential.


What is your set point of success?


In continuing with the theme of this newsletter, I again refer to Cheryl Richardson book The Unmistakable Touch of Grace.  Overcoming underearning is often about deciding to take control over your life.  This often means thinking differently about yourself and your limitations.  Many individuals who are underearning have a "set point" level of success in their minds.  There is a self imposed barrier they cannot rise above.


Cheryl Richardson describes this concept in her book.  She states that people have a set point level of success that they feel worthy or comfortable with. I call this set point an earnings ceiling.  In my telecass, Discover Your Earnings Ceiling that set point is explored and challenged through a visualization exercise. 


It is a powerful concept that an individual maybe unconsciously limiting themselves through this set point.  This is even more problematic if your set point is based on feelings of low self esteem and intense feelings of unworthiness. That is why it is important to think outside the box and move beyond your comfort zone.  It is important to train yourself to expect the best and see yourself in the best possible scenario.  Don't let old life scripts or negative thinking impact what you're willing to accept.  Earning what you deserve is about earning enough to meet your financial obligations and live the life you desire.  It is not about your self worth. 


When developing goals for yourself, it's important to be aware of the ways you limit yourself.  One way to do this is to pay attention to your thoughts by writing them down.  What exactly are you saying to yourself when you are about to take steps to improve your life.  Allow yourself to want more than your basic needs.  Maslow described in his hierarchy of needs that as human beings we move from the basic to the complex.  Allow yourself to move up the ladder. Give yourself permission to take yourself to the next level and break through your own earnings ceiling.  It is time for a new set point.


A list of suggested resources


  1. Secrets of Six Figured Women by Barbara Stanney
  2. Why Women Earn Less by Mikelann Valterra

Action Challenge


1.  Make a list of your current needs and wants.  How are you working toward making this a reality for yourself?  Are you limiting yourself in some way?


6.  Quote: "The more time we waste analyzing our moves, considering negative consequences for our actions, or thinking about our fear, the greater the possibility that we'll interrupt the flow of thoughts, feelings, and ideas we most want and need to express." Cheryl Richardson- The Unmistakable Touch of Grace.


    7.  Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Services


I provide individual, couples and family therapy in my psychotherapy practice.  I am currently accepting clients in my Manassas office.  Please contact me at 703-626-0381.


I also provide individual and group coaching and conduct seminars and workshops.  Please contact me at or visit my website at  I am also accepting referrals for coaching.


Good Luck and have a great month!  See you next time!


Maureen Fannin, LCSW

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