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ChangeWorks Psychotherapy & Life Coaching, personal coaching, life coaching, financial health
Unlike the lily or the rose...

It is the mighty sunflower that will not be pressed

Our Mission

Maureen Fannin, LCSW created ChangeWorks Psychotherapy &
Life Coaching Services, LLC to support individuals as they work toward
bringing positive change in their lives.  As individuals, we are constantly
changing, growing, learning and striving toward the life we are intended
to live.  Therapy and life coaching is an effective tool in helping those
who want to live meaningful and fulfilling lives. There is the pain of
changing or the pain of not changing...it is up to

Our Logo/Images

The Sunflower - ChangeWorks Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Services, LLC uses the sunflower to communicate its basic message of empowerment and growth.  The sunflower is a strong and bold flower that naturally turns itself toward the sun for nourishment.  The sunflower is not easily pressed and is strong and sturdy.  It is the ultimate symbol of inner strength and resiliency.

Glass Ceiling Within - One of our missions is to improve
the lives of women by helping them  overcome the  
psychological barriers to change.  We use the image of a
woman breaking through a glass ceiling to symbolize the
internal victory over the glass ceiling within.

Our Work

The work of change is often difficult, but it can also be exciting to see what is
possible when you put consistent effort into your own life.  We believe that the
helping relationship whether it is through therapy or coaching can help you gain insight
into the past as well as bringing hope for the future.  ChangeWorks Psychotherapy
& Life Coaching Services, LLC is uses individual, couples and group therapy to help facilitate the change process.

ChangeWorks has a free monthly on-line newsletter that provides additional
support to assist clients and non-clients in the change process.  You sign up
for our newsletter on this website.  Your e-mail information is confidential
and I do not give out my list information to third parties.  Click on Newletter on the menu bar to subscribe.

Click here to learn about GirlWorks Counseling Groups for Girls.

Our Clients

ChangeWorks works with adults, Children and adolescents. We work with
these populations by providing therapy and coaching services.  We specialize in
helping to improve the lives of women and girls by empowering them to make
positive and lasting changes in their lives. Please explore our website to find out
more about our therapy and group programs

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ChangeWorks Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Services, LLC
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